You’re in a conversation. It’s could be a good one or not, when someone cuts themselves off, looks at the others and declares solitarily, “What?”

I love it when this happens.

We generally are negative about criticism. This is wrong. It should be sought and valued. Rehabilitating the idea of criticism would advance our ability to communicate, our ideas, and would help neutralize vulnerability to those incapable fools who would weaponize it.

So you’re in a conversation. Maybe you’re waxing philosophical or building a metaphor. It’s not quite working out. While thinking out loud, you reach for a limb close to the one that you’re out on. Before you continue, you notice the staring silence. You look around and ask innocently, “What?” That creates a gap and laughter that helps invite comment and criticism!

If this catches on, it could lead to not only salvaging our values, but-




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Joshua Bender

Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.