The Warning at the Dawn of History


Ideas are intangible, but they can be realized and made tangible. Before humans were even thought of, bees danced their message of how far and how many flowers are in a field. The rest of the dance is not clearly defined, but could be bee gossip.Language was furthered by humans intellectually collaborating to innovate speech. This made it possible to discuss a beehive and the risk/reward of stings vs honey.
History starts with the written word. We are presently communicating by the grace and creative efforts of intellectual giants who came before. Right out of the Garden of Eden criticism of certain thoughtlessness initiated the concept of sin. It could reasonably be assumed that the first sin, being the most conspicuous, would not be about cursing. The first literal sin is not the same as the “original sin” that came thousands of years later. The word was first coined to describe nothing less than the bane of humanity. The shame of nakedness pales next to it, followed by goosebumps and shivering.
What is this initial sin? For the probability that the first is the worst, shouldn’t we all know?
It’d be okay if it wasn’t.
But it is.
And we don’t.

History’s old stomping grounds on the Shinar Plains

We have the technology. Wisdom, not so much. Meanwhile humanity grows with increasing capability but without direction, goal, or deference to human commonality. Direction disappears as fast as we are enabled by technology that could be our doom.
People are social beings. We survived by looking out for each other. The advantage of teamwork and our intellect allowed us to continue on to develop language.
The advantage of communicating specific ideas was a great leap in the use of the human intellect. Language is as powerful as the truth it portrays. The lies came later.
Trust is a quality as precious as the truth, but is widely underappreciated. Sometimes we lose track of the truth, but reality will out it for us to pick up again. Not so with trust. Don’t lose it. Undervalued as it is, it cannot be bought.
Humility allows one to defer personal beliefs for other dependable information. It helps keep us focused on the truth rather than ourselves with assumptions of arrogance. Humility cannot be bought either, but it doesn’t go around bragging about it.

Prehistory ended with the development of the written word. Thoughts could now be saved, studied, copied and shared, multiplying the power of our best tool, language.
Ancient worship in the written word resulted in preservation of the earliest scrolls, the writings that opened history. The bible starts out ignominiously to make blatant the most dangerous mistake and threat to us.
What was the first sin? Many religious people don’t know. Some of us know it inherently, but are not aware of it literally. So here it is already:
The literal initiation of sin occurs in the criticism of Cain’s hatred (wroth) of Abel. Not murder, but hatred.*
This makes big sense because hatred doesn’t cause just murder. There’s greed, jealousy, it gives anger a bad name — don’t get me started.
Hatred was a great call for the first sin. It is the root and unheralded source of our growing problems. It qualifies to be called the bane of humanity. Nowadays, cause and effect are supported by data, but back then there were no specialists or references for footnotes.
Who knew?
Anyway, now you know. You have been warned.

  • Modern mistranslations using “anger” disregard the contemplative component of the original word.

Hatred is a potentially contagious handicap of the uninformed or unwarned. Information is the vaccine and to be warned is to be inoculated against the debilitation of hatred.
The existence of the condition known as Borderline Personality Disorder is a reference that helps dictate how to designate those suffering from a condition with symptoms of poor social function. Since hatred is the source of our worst behavior, those having it would be suffering from what would logically be considered as Non-Borderline Personality Disorder.

The more rules that there are, the harder it is to follow.. The rejection of hatred covers a lot of rules. When we can follow simple principle, our outlook is more easily focused and clear. Let’s look at some earlier assumptions that may be tainted somewhat by being wrong.

Like the ability to do hard work, intelligence can be an asset, but it’s not the be all and end all. Circumstance has its way, sometimes fooling our best intelligence. That’s not a bad thing when the motivation is despotic. Intelligence is not a stranger to evil. Let’s keep it on our side.

Analytic and sympathetic characteristics are important assets. Likewise, the ability to do “hard” work is also an asset, but there is entrenched thinking that seems to associate difficulty with morality. Struggle has always been part of the work ethic.
Things change. Technology has replaced a lot of heavy lifting. There’s more mental and less physical stress. A need for physical activity is realized. With exercise, the goal is the struggle. Better goals score with physical activity more like fun than a struggle. Is that wrong?
Hard work is valuable.
Good work is more valuable.
Innovation is, well, if you have to ask…
Creativity prices itself.

Kahlil Gibran declared that we must love our job. Some see success as fulfillment. Any required financing would be a means to that success. Better to fail a good effort than to succeed at nothing, or worse. Failure is a loss for all, and success for humans is a win-win.
Others see success as financial, capital being the goal itself. Those who take financial advantage over others believe in win-lose because they only figure value materially. But financial gain can’t replace the ability to feel grateful, sympathetic, and all those lost and forgotten values that humans grew up with.
A financial gain isn’t always a win if intangibles are ignored and automatically undervalued. One downside of seeing life through an economic lens is loss of emotional touch. How bad can that feel though, anyway? Besides, it’s what you get for screwing everybody out of their stuff.

“Capitalism doesn’t really work when it relies on the profit motive alone…
Capitalism requires…knowledge and fairness” -David Brooks, New York Times

Labeling abusive financial dealings as “Darwin Economics” exposes the motives of bad actors seeking to excuse their depraved behavior. Economics are a major support for the social structure of civilization. The financial environment can not be subject to jungle law or abuse of the trust reality requires of a civilization.

The law is the law, but is written by people. You can even say it three times, but it is unbecoming of imperfect beings to worship their own work.
People must be judged by their behavior.
But what if someone looks like a troll, should they go to jail? What if some gossip was dug up about them eating goats and stuff and we need to watch out for the children. False data is unscrutinized by a reactionary and punitive culture. The corporate media only publishes negative troll news. Hate fogged fools with blame to spare are easily indoctrinated by the profiteers of the prison industry. Laws are passed and many are incarcerated.
Fortunately, the truth outs. All contributions of trolls stand as witness and inspire an exonerating reversal of social opinion. The innocent are freed, many trolls honored and their rights validated. It was agreed that people should be judged by their behavior.
…and what substances they have in their pockets. Or, considering prescriptions, what they don’t have. So people should be judged by how prescribed they are.
People should be judged by their behavior and their possession/prescription relationship.
…and the quality of the documents in their glove compartment.
Children are in the back seat, parents in front driving. It happens every day and night, rain or shine. Pulled over in a traffic stop, requested information can not be produced. The family is broken when dad is incarcerated as a candidate for deportation, even though he’s worked here for years.
Immigrants are fodder for the prison industry.* They, along with the unprescribed, are our new targets. They are the new Jews, like in World War II Germany.
Widespread awareness and common knowledge of the human bane would be expected of beings able to command practical thoughtfulness on the unthinking dark of the thoughtless.

* “Jailed Immigrants Used as Cheap Labor” — Press Democrat, May 25, 2014

“We are blind to the depths of our own prejudice.” — William Kuntsler

Morality is practical. It is the source of civility and social behavior. When we become impractical, it becomes essential. It is essential, but not superior. It is not exclusionary, presumptuous, or superficial.
We can no longer afford to be distracted by the unsustainable because of our growing significance to the planet. The elimination of hatred is a priority of such critical proportions that it can no longer be ignored.

“…love or perish.” — Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Existence is one reality of endless depth that renders material and idol worship superficial. Fulfillment glows invisibly somewhere between everyone and our own needs and desires.
To put it differently, you can spend your life away, but you can’t buy it back.
Or how about, like what do you not understand about the meaning of the word “infinity”?

Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.