The Threat of Socialism

Joshua Bender
2 min readJun 13, 2022

What is the threat of Socialism? Well, it’s not a threat to everybody. It actually more closely follows the values of humanity. For one thing, it is better at balancing equity and progressively distributing the country’s treasure. There would be more real freedom, because more people would be able to do more things.

The threat is to the ability to siphon billions of the country treasure with minimal reinvestment or compensation. Socialism is a threat to successful materialists who lack humanity.

Capitalism only works in an economy of scarcity. Shortages can be good for business. Plus, it’s harder to control people who are not desperate.

For example, Reaganomics was an economic disaster for the disadvantaged. Things were bad enough for him to begin to distribute government cheese, which helped a lot of people. But Big Dairy complained when the price of cheese fell 2 cents and blamed it on the giveaway. No more cheese for the needy. What a bunch of humanitarians.

Reagan was anti-government. He was an actor, and the corporations made him their “acting” spokesman.

Corporations can’t be trusted and require control by the public, which is one reason why democratic governments exist. Human beings need to work for a transparent government or a co-op.

A sustainable system won’t be threatened by the values of humanity. It must be a social thing.



Joshua Bender

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