Terminal Success

Materialism is not a philosophy, but a practice. It exists under the auspices of Capitalism, which doesn’t really have a philosophy as much as an excuse for the needless suffering it supports. Instead of cover, the theory it claims for legitimacy actually highlights it as a devolving influence.

Since the Theory of Evolution is great, the idea of Darwin Economics is an intelligent sounding attempt to legitimize an unregulated market. Sounds good as long as you don’t think about it, which is no surprise since materialist thinking is an oxymoron.

The strength of humanity is in thoughtful cooperation which culminate in our natural values, which our culture foolishly eschews. Anyway, it is empathy, trust, humility and such allowed us to not only protect ourselves but leverage the forces of nature for our advantage and even comfort. As we took over the world, sociopaths have taken advantage of our trust. But the short-sighted greed bares itself under the glare of second thought and embarrassment of further consideration.

I mean, come on. Just look at it again. What does the term of Darwin Economics imply? The discovery of survival of the fittest explained jungle law. We overcame that with our puny bodies and powerful values. It is with our humanity that we succeed. So why on earth would we want to inject jungle law, i.e. Darwin economics, into the workings of society?

The terminal financing of thoughtless growth must be removed from a suffering humanity.

Thank you.