Status Holes

Joshua Bender
2 min readNov 12, 2023

Materialist status respects those with a lot of stuff.

Thoughtfulness not so much.

The jungle law of materialism and profit motive dwell in the vacuum left from missing human values.

The mental development of impoverished children on average suffer compared to that of wealthy children. Initial studies imply that could be remedied with financial assistance, but somehow more studies are needed. What’s to study? More suffering?

Thoughtlessness has made us stupid and mean. The upper crust will risk our world in their unfulfilling drive for power, while resenting of others who have values, meaning, and possible fulfillment.

Materialists are threatened by human values and social responsibility. Socialism is feared by the status quo because it offers us protection against materialist greed. We must stop following their destructive path. We should be afraid of the profit motive, not socialism. We need co-ops, not corporations.

There’s could be enough food and shelter for everyone. We could have more time and the peace of mind from democratic work places, or co-ops.

Insight, empathy and the ability to care for each other was behind early human development and the blossoming of humanity. This is widely uncelebrated in todays shallows of materialist myopia. Power mongers sponsor ignorance over human values.

It’s not about individual wealth. Character cannot be bought.

Thoughtfulness and values must be our standard operating procedure. We can do this.

Thank you for your time.



Joshua Bender

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