Sizing Up the Immaterial in Social Evolution

Joshua Bender
3 min readNov 14, 2017

Thoughtfulness and imagination are immaterial precedents for the creation of tools and shoes and what’s for dinner.This immaterial ability to think made our measly physical abilities superior.
Interaction was so important to those who preceded us, evolution enhanced physical and mental capabilities for speech. Talking and thinking got us to the written word. We took over with the written word. The ability to keep a record allows someone to relay information with everyone else and their kids into perpetuity.
We know about the forces of the universe and the existence of dark matter. We know about it because most of the gravity holding the galaxies together represents an unknown part of the universe greater than the known. There is a value to be gained for us to be aware of this unknown majority of existence. That would make shares in humility a “buy”. Humility is our careful guide to the future.
Before we go, we’ll need a humble double check of standard humanity. So let’s review: Do we know the bane of humanity, the first historic sin or that being nice is better than being mean? We certainly can.
Values are a required reference in order for intelligence to innovate. Consideration for others strengthens the group and likewise, each individual. . No reason to be envious, just glad for other people. We could save all the energy we waste on stuff . We have our own interests and abilities that we feel will fulfill our lives.
We are distracted from a lot of wonder drowned out by the materialist clang. Promotion of material wealth will give way to the embarrassment of a growing character that is learning that our power is in the intertwining values of humankind.
We’ll appreciate that circumstance is trying to tell us something. We’ll stop dismissing every irony as statistical this or coincidence that, as if that was an excuse to not appreciate how things work out or remember how something that seemed bad became a blessing.
There’s an old Buddhist saying that if you have something extra, then someone is doing without. . . People will use what they have. We will be conscious not just how we are affected but also how we affect the whole.
Technology will remove the need for everyone to have to work to be able to be sustained. Many may choose to create and innovate on their own. A transparent social structure will coordinate public and private efforts. Some land would be available for private stewardship with more or less leeway on regulations for use depending on conditions.
If we valued trust like money, then money would become less useful, because we’d be taken at our word. There would be no need to lie, except to spare others emotions, or for compliments. The need for banks and security would fade. Practical problem solving might be a popular pastime that will overcome the problem of a shortage and ensuing run on problems. We will be driven less by need and more from a passion for living creatively with invention and discovery, and surely all the more stuff that we’d want to share and do.

That might sound pie in the sky, but there is a reason to believe that the future will be hunky dory. We’ve gone beyond being materially interdependent globally. Not beyond the globe, beyond material to the immaterial, like the values that are the foundation of humankind. We’re not getting through this without them. Then we can envision a new, humble kind of self respect for humanity and what we understand, which will expose hatred as mentally incapacitating and in need of official recognition, like being medically designated as Non-Borderline Personality Disorder.
There will be a global environmental resurgence. Nuclear arsenals will be dismantled safely and with celebration. We will get right with each other just as sure as there is a future.



Joshua Bender

Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.