What we know can’t compare to what we don’t know. We don’t even know what consciousness is. We could be different than what we think of ourselves.

Great individuals usually share credit with the cooperation it takes to make greatness. A terrific idea won’t go far without cooperation.
Necessity is the mother of invention. Growing inequality exposes a lack of inventiveness on the part of the thoughtless advantaged. Hubris rationalizes privilege, circumstance, and spirituality. Passionless, their dull comfort denies awareness for them and their sycophants as their thankless and parasitic terminality to the world grows.

The material takeover of human values has many trusting people reacting to unsustainable wealth and power with mistaken respect, considering power to be automatically intelligent and ignoring their own devalued role of cooperation.

Even some gregarious animals have risen above the idea of individualism and the self-made creature.

Cooperation is what put us on top of the food chain. Having a heart is intelligent. The stupidity of “I got mine” defensively refers to the world as being tough.

Well, duh. That’s the whole point. If the world wasn’t tough, it wouldn’t matter.

Thank you

Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.