There are some basics that we need for reference.

Civilized: Honed by intellect. Not jungle law. Not leveraging others or gorging amongst hunger. Not mean. Not scared. The civilized depend on each other and are brave and nice.
Those in a civilization must be able to make themselves reasonably comfortable.There are enough resources in this world for everyone to have food and shelter.

If you take exception to that, then we’re all in big trouble. We have too much power, even the little guy. Considering what one person can do, there is no little guy anymore. That should be okay, though. Why would you want to piss her off?

If you want to live in a civilization, you should want to be civilized.
The civilized do not presume the worst of people. It won’t help if you’re right and worse if you’re wrong.
The civilized presume the best of others, because you can be mistaken and it works anyway. Why disagree and look bad, when you can still look okay and think better?

I imagine you’re still with me. If not, where are you finding reason? Subway toilet?

Anyway, there are some things that those basics infer. For instance, if someone is helping in a private or public, or to be less specific, any project, their sustainability must not be adversely affected. In a private system, as long as we’re working in a transparent, democratic way, this means a civilized person should want to hire at a sustainable wage, or the project is not worth doing.
In a public system that’s taxed and supportive, any wages on top are less critical and even marginal, depending on whoever cares. There will still be a market, competition, and pursuit of quality and accolades.

Hatred must be given medical attention instead of a (political) party.

Anger will apply for an order of protection.

Joy will be exonerated.

And then we can get started.

Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.