Profit Motive Can’t Compete

Joshua Bender
2 min readJun 30, 2023

It’s good to be productive. It used to be vital. But now we’ve reached a point where technology, efficiency, environmental parameters, and population add up to where some people should just stay home. Everything is getting done, and we have the same stuff. But some fields need to go fallow sometimes. Threatened species necessitate the regulation of hunting and harvesting in some places. Machines can do our jobs.

As a species, we’ve outgrown the jungle, but we act as if we’re fighting to survive. We need to step back and realize we’re racing around competing with each other. The profit motive is a materialist vestige of jungle law and needs to be returned. Screwing others for the most profit is no longer a shroud business move. It’s just old school anti-social materialism that should go back to the jungle.

We must look to the metaphysical to regain our power and restore to our intellect the values required for us to survive and thrive.

Empathy, trust, humility, gratitude and other values that developed with humanity are notes in our catchy theme of practical morality.

With a little more equality, everyone could provide for themselves materially. Everyone could have a roof and sustenance. That might be enough for those who value their time for personal objectives or investment. Some people keep themselves busy. Others are contemplative. Many don’t need to earn extra stuff and would rather have all their time to wander fallow fields with undiscovered species and navigate their lives towards uncharted discoveries. Or something.

Those of us who are more materially inclined would be able to work for more, in one of the many different employee owned co-op businesses.

And it’s not like those outside of the work force would not produce interesting and helpful ideas and stuff that would benefit others.

Working to the benefit of others is how we find fulfillment.

Who knew?

Thank you for your time.



Joshua Bender

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