Long Arm of the Wrong Law

Our cartoonish depictions of cave men with clubs pulling women along by the hair exposes today’s self-aggrandized image projected from an ego bloated with presumption and lack of information. It could not have been easy for our early ancestors to depend on each other’s conceptual development as an aid to survival. Those beings should be honored and recognized as a vital reference that we could use to direct how we move forward.

It would have helped if at some point we had stopped to consider and celebrate the capability of our newfangled intellect in order to further direct the values of humanity and our success as a species. Without that reference, it has been easier for sociopaths to leverage fear and hatred, vestiges of jungle law, to sew discord and weaken group efforts in order for them to have more personal control and material gain.

Today, fear and hatred are the unseen source of animosity to our rise from jungle law and the humanitarian development started by our ancestors. The thoughtlessness they rose above has been revived by reactionary fear and hatred permitted by the conceptual inability offered by materialists.

Problem solving, values, and social support are not to be promoted in a system that is ignorant and incapable of imagining the efficient results of what a unified humanity can do. What possibilities! Seriously, wow, huh?

But no. We fear that maybe they’ll steal our stuff! They’ll take our guns!

However, if we want out of jungle law, fear and hatred must go with it.

In simply summing up: It’s change and diversity vs. fear and hatred.

In a nutshell: thought vs. reaction

Thank you



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Joshua Bender

Joshua Bender


Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.