Forgot the Key

Joshua Bender
2 min readJun 23, 2023

The practical necessity of Basic Morality is proven by the evolutionary success of humanity and the values key to advancing the metaphysical power of intellect. Though invisible, our ideas and values leveraged our meager physical abilities to allow us not just to survive, but to dominate the planet.

However, morality declared by a subjective philosophy or religion becomes artificial, imperfect and loses practicality.

Materialism and the amoral market not only ignores but evades acknowledging the invisible power of ideas and values.

Human values are not a choice we can abandon, but are required for humanity to exist. The mess we have made of ourselves and the planet are all the result of behavior contradictory to the priceless values that developed with humanity.

The propaganda of hard charging individualism and the morally unimpeded profit motive were not to be challenged while socialism was declared a threat. Fortunately, most of us seem to have a natural inclination toward humanity and the values of basic practical morality. The rule of corporate greed has caused obvious damage that can now be publicly repudiated as we acknowledge our values, who we are and the potential of what we can do with the magic of the metaphysical power of intellectual collaboration.

It is against our values to promote war instead of peace. It’s just not right for us to spend so much of our treasure to have and sell weaponry. Basic humanity was always about taking care of each other and wanting to communicate. The marketing of health care is the antithesis of humanity and a shameful return to the jungle law that our ancestors were able to rise above. Without our values, we cater to fear and blame, jealousy and greed. They are fed by the likely bane of humanity: hatred. Hatred survives where thoughtfulness is in short supply. That’s why so many movies are mostly action and violence.

We can’t fight our way out of this. But we have the magic of thinking. And the thoughtful return to our values and power. Together, we’ll float a flood of ideas. And turn out better movies.

Thank you for your time.



Joshua Bender

Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.