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  • Sender Spike

    Sender Spike

    I Am

  • stephen marshall

    stephen marshall

    system design • quantum ideology • wonder junkie

  • Deepak Chopra

    Deepak Chopra

  • Lisa Spray

    Lisa Spray

    I 💕nature, photography, writing & travel. I find deep sharing heals. All with sincere faith are my spiritual family. Editor: The ❤️of Quran. Join us there 🤝.

  • Dick Millet

    Dick Millet

    father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

  • Kerry Landon-Lane

    Kerry Landon-Lane

    OP-ED writer, designer and artist. Most recently returned to architecture and deliberately presents the subject void of buildings.

  • Chowa Sekai

    Chowa Sekai

    Dalai Lama’s distant cousin. Understanding. Love. Kindness. Empathy. Wisdom. Writer for https://medium.com/illumination-curated

  • Rodrigo Etcheto

    Rodrigo Etcheto

    An avid reader and student of philosophy and mathematics, his work focuses on the flow of time, change, impermanence, life/death, and tranquillity.

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