Fish Bowling

Joshua Bender
2 min readJul 26, 2023


We live in a three dimension fish bowl. As far as dimensions go, we get the bronze for being the simplest.

Even so, it seems like there’s a lot going on. Texture, the spectrum of noise up to and past illumination and radiation, fragrance, flavor, temperature, electricity, and probably stuff we still don’t even know about. Other dimensions might have this stuff, plus stuff that we can’t know about.

As water is the domain that harbors the existence of fish, the domain of space-time is the harbor in which consciousness is possible. We need space for us and the stuff we think about, along with the time implied by occurrence.

We have no commonality or ability to conceive of what is outside of space-time. We can’t imagine what we can’t imagine when we say silly things like “before” the big bang and “outside” the universe.

The quantum foundation of this dimension is independent of space-time and has shown us contra indicated solutions that are outside of our logic and reason.

In another dimension our time may be a direction, like length, height, width, and time somehow jammed in there, maybe, or maybe not. There could be a different background of change, a different kind of time where change can happen but nothing changes. Hey, it could happen. Other dimension-wise, all bets are off. And like, there’s stuff in our familiar old three dimensions that we can’t wrap our heads around. Like gravity. As far as we know, it’s magic. And we know a lot about magnetism and electricity and put them to good use, but we really don’t know what they are.

The contemplation of lightening balls would be a good exercise in humility. Though it’s not in fashion, it’s a human value and good mental style.

It could come in handy if we ever find ourselves in a dimension where it would take a genius to just crawl.

Reality is infinitesimal, and is not limited by our ability to conceive.



Joshua Bender

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