A Specific Strength of Humanity

Joshua Bender
2 min readFeb 20, 2024

Socialism could save us from our possibly fatal dependence on technology.

Humans had the desire and the parts and the ability to work together. Working together is why we are successful as a species.

Humanity has become distracted and disrespected by materialism and subjective beliefs. Capitalism has us racing around as competitive go getters . Money has an unneeded and dangerous part of the social structure in a certain situation to be specified after the next paragraph.

Socialism would slow some things down a bit. It would be more like a trade labor economy, co ops notwithstanding. You do what you can and you don’t worry about starving or getting kicked out. We’d be less dependent on money. Lots of regulation . Less productive. More happy. Also, safer.

Because without it, we could actually be in danger:

Specifically, the real possibility of a solar flare destroying the grid.

Our fragile civility and social structure can’t take that hit. Our loss of humanity and dependence on money and technology makes us hugely vulnerable and possibly incapable if we lose those technological capabilities. No grid. No electronics. Can’t recharge batteries. Can’t use computers

Can’t get paid.

Would we know what to do?

You want to be living in a social system that does stuff for reasons besides profit.



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