There are plenty of fakes, no doubt about it. But there are some besides myself who have had premonitions that are remembered and respected as rare phenomena. Those who claim it as a regular ability need scrutiny. But they don’t disprove the real experience of a genuine phenomena.

We are a special creature because our regular power is not speed or strength or other physical talent. Thought is a metaphysical human attribute. The power from our sharing ideas and values can leverage our bit of physical ability to accomplish massive undertakings.

Once in a while a premonition somehow leaks into…

I knew it. It’s in my logo, and it’s worse than the pandemic, which it exacerbates.

The thoughtlessness of fear mongering hatred has cobbled half of this country’s minds, reacting with blame, resentment, and an atrophied ability and even desire to understand. A tendency toward force and a rejection of need is a typical mental facade of fear. A lack of humanity allows hatred and its fears to exist. This can not and should not be sustained.

We must reaffirm the practicality and morality of human values, such as trust and integrity, empathy, humility, comprehension and insight, etc. These are…

We Are The Cold War

Gorbachev peacefully retired the Soviet Union, but we give Reagan and ourselves credit for ending the cold war. We’re the good guys.
Except that we lied to Gorbachev about dismantling NATO.
We interfered in Russian politics. We are resented for helping Yeltzin get elected.

We used terrorism as an excuse to put nuclear missiles in other countries, creating a more immediate threat to Russia with a need for quicker triggers.

If the cold war ended, why does our “defense” budget keep ballooning?

We are not the top of the food chain because of our speed or strength. Our thinking and our growing trove of ideas guide and leverage our unexceptional physicality. Our power is in our metaphysical capabilities. Consciousness is a magical power.

Materialism is an imbalance that ignores the source of our power.

(Unfun Fact: Materialism is thoughtless, which also allows for the thoughtlessness of hatred to exist.)

We ignore the magic and our humanity. For stuff we don’t need.

Everything is magic. Some of it repeats. Science measures the repeating part. It’s magic, too, in what it can do.


This has nothing to do with morality.

Our ability to communicate enhanced our ability to cooperate with each other, allowing us to leverage our limited physicality to survive and grow. Humanity developed values that express that practicality and recognizes the non-material aspect of our strength. Our power over the material world comes from our metaphysical abilities such as innovation, ideas and cooperation.

Morality is practical. There are root values that are classic to the secular and religious alike: trust, empathy, humility, courage and wisdom. Remember wisdom?

Hatred is basic to immorality. Greed and envy require hatred or can not be maintained.
Thought is our strength. Hatred is…

What we know can’t compare to what we don’t know. We don’t even know what consciousness is. We could be different than what we think of ourselves.

Great individuals usually share credit with the cooperation it takes to make greatness. A terrific idea won’t go far without cooperation.
Necessity is the mother of invention. Growing inequality exposes a lack of inventiveness on the part of the thoughtless advantaged. Hubris rationalizes privilege, circumstance, and spirituality. Passionless, their dull comfort denies awareness for them and their sycophants as their thankless and parasitic terminality to the world grows.

The material takeover of human…

Materialism is not a philosophy, but a practice. It exists under the auspices of Capitalism, which doesn’t really have a philosophy as much as an excuse for the needless suffering it supports. Instead of cover, the theory it claims for legitimacy actually highlights it as a devolving influence.

Since the Theory of Evolution is great, the idea of Darwin Economics is an intelligent sounding attempt to legitimize an unregulated market. Sounds good as long as you don’t think about it, which is no surprise since materialist thinking is an oxymoron.

The strength of humanity is in thoughtful cooperation which culminate…

Joshua Bender

Recognizing hatred as the bane of humanity, Non-Borderline Personality Disorder, and coincidentally the literally first sin.

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